They say “write what you know.”

At 65 years of age, I’d like to think I know a lot. Mostly from experience…of what not to do.

And If I do write what I know, then like my kids your eyes will roll back and a blank stare will ensue. 

My experience spans a very interesting course of our time, from March of 1957 until present day in April of 2022,  a span of 65 years and growing, one I call: A Grateful Age. 

One of Merriam-Webster definitions of age is a period of time dominated by a central figure or prominent feature. Another, a period in history or human progress. Still another, a cultural period marked by the prominence of a particular item. 

In 1986, my Grandmother passed. Clara, the family matriarch was 96. I was 29, a significant age in any era and certainly a time of reflection. 96. That meant she was born in 1890! Pre ev erything! Horse and buggy, outdoor plumbing, candlelight. You name it, it wasn’t invented yet. In my estimation, she lived through the most eventful period of human history. Culturally or otherwise. 

Zippers, To witness progress in modernization of the world, from electricity to landing on the moon to computers and cell phones must have been too much to comprehend. I was 

Why Grateful? Well consider the Fifties, post-WWII, a decade after when the world settled down and all the boys who fought in the war came home and started families. 

It was a time for new. New homes new cars new gadgets. TV’s where bigger, record players and recordings. New sounds. Opportunities abound. 

As a kid growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s I was totally unaware of the effect these new experiences would have on me. To kids my age everything was new. Cool by things like Whamo! and Matel. Superball and HotWheels.

My older brothers had Daisey BB Guns, coon skin caps and Howdie Doodey which paved the way for Blasting Caps and UnderDog. 150567218

The events post war were phenomenal. Both good and not so good. On October 4, 1957 the Russians launched a small satellite, Sputnik which sparked a technological advancement the world has never seen. Suddenly the scientific focus shifted from the atomic bomb to rockets that will eventually put a man on the moon.

The US was literally caught by surprise with Sputnik. The news of the launch quickly circled the globe. I was 7 months old at the time, my family gathered around the black and white Philco as Walter Cronkite made the critical announcement. As a prophetic statement I grabbed the edge of the coffee table and lifted myself up to my feet and took my first step! 

I think this is what I am committed to achieve, the understanding that all things before us give way to things to come. I have lived through a phase of history that has given the light to that which we enjoy today and am so grateful. The idea of what’s to come has me on the edge of my seat!

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